Our School


Welcome to Dryandra Primary School.

We are a small school nestled in amongst the swaying gum trees in the suburb of Mirrabooka. Our school is like a family; all the staff, parents and students know and care about each other. This typifies our school values of 'Caring, Learning and Working together'. We cater for students from kindergarten to Year 6.

As we head towards our 30th Anniversary, we are getting ready to celebrate our traditions, strengths and essence of being a member of the Dryandra Primary School community.

Our vision is to 'Prepare our students for tomorrow'.

We believe in our fast paced, changing world, our students needs to be adaptable, flexible and resilient. Being able to relate and interact with a whole range of people is a key ingredient for future success. We are fortunate to have a wide range of cultures and nationalities in our school with over 30 cultures, including students from Indigenous and Aboriginal backgrounds. We represent a microcosm of multicultural Australia. We learn about respect, tolerance and sensitivity towards others every day because this is our natural learning environment.

We create opportunities for students to achieve success and take control of their learning. Our focus is on ensuring academic, social and behavioural needs are nurtured and considered by our professional and dedicated staff. We are all privileged to be working at Dryandra Primary, the impact and potential to make a difference is something that we take very seriously. Our school has commenced implementing the 'Positive Behaviour Support' framework which is assisting our school in creating a calm and safe environment conducive to learning.

We participate in the Mental Health Initiative which will culminate in the implementation of the 'Kidsmatter' framework. The school implements a new social and emotional learning program which enhances student mental health and social skills development. We are also fortunate to support our students with the Chaplaincy in Schools and 'Breakfast Club' programs, as well as work closely with the 'Child and Parent Centre' and the Smith Family at Westminster. There is close collaboration with our parent organised 'playgroup' which assists in getting our students ready for school when they enter kindergarten and introducing our new parents to our school.

Our new science laboratory and increasing use of technology in our classrooms will spur joy in learning and support our students as they ' prepare for tomorrow'. With our classroom computers, iPads, Mac Books, coding activities and robots, we have transformed student learning.

Our dedicated and professional teachers work collaboratively and implement innovative programs and strategies which put students at the centre of all planning. The focus is on maximising the learning for all students and our whole school approaches in literacy and numeracy help to achieve this. We are very proud of the skills and talents within our school in areas such as literacy, numeracy, explicit teaching strategies, science, Indonesian, physical education and music. We aim to create a well-rounded curriculum.

Our school focuses on self-improvement and nurturing leaders. We reflect on ways to make the learning experience meaningful and relevant to all our students.

Our school community is positive and keen to support our students through the fundraising efforts of our Parents and Citizen Association and the leadership and governance of the School Council. The learning environment of our school is a shared responsibility and we all strive to represent and reflect the needs of our community.

If you would like to find out more about our school, please contact us and we will organise a tour for you, so you can meet our fabulous staff and wonderful students.

"We create opportunities for students to achieve success and take control of their learning."
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