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Positive Behaviour Support

Dryandra Primary School has commenced implementing the Western Australian Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) framework. This framework is aligned to a number of Department of Education policies which supports students with their behaviour and social skills. PBS creates an emphasis on building relationships. It is a decision making framework that guides selection, integration and implementation of the best evidence based practices for improving academic and behaviour outcomes for all students. Schools implementing PBS build on existing strengths, complementing and organising current programming and strategies.

In general, PBS emphasizes four integrated elements:
  • Data for decision making
  • Measurable outcomes supported and evaluated by data
  • Practices with achievable outcomes
  • Systems that efficiently and effectively support implementation of these practices
At Dryandra Primary School , PBS aims to develop:
  • a consultative, collaborative community owned process which is facilitated through a representative PBS leadership team
  • a consistent, whole-school approach with a common language in regard to positive behaviour expectations
  • an array of procedures for responding to behaviour errors, with a re-teaching focus
  • clearly defined teacher-managed and office-referred behaviour
  • the use of discipline data to help track progress and identify areas to target for intervention and the effectiveness of selected interventions

(Reference; WA PBS Workbook p 3)
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