Our School


Dryandra Primary School’s Moral Purpose

As a school community we prepare students to participate in an ever-changing society. We celebrate and recognise our cultural diversity while supporting students in a safe and stimulating environment. By working together with families, students are encouraged to be caring, responsible and active citizens.

School Values

Caring – We show a genuine interest in the academic, social and emotional wellbeing of others.

Learning – We create the environment, opportunities and experiences that enable all to achieve their best.

Working Together – We cooperate respectfully, share responsibilities and accept the differences of everyone within the group.

Beliefs about Teaching and Learning

Purposeful Teaching – We acknowledge that students learn best in a rich and engaging environment where staff provide a variety of purposeful learning experiences.

Whole School Approach – We believe in a consistent, whole school approach by using an explicit teaching framework to scaffold and differentiate learning to build student understanding and skills.

Meaningful Assessment – We use a range of ongoing assessment tools to collate and analyse data that provides feedback on student learning and informs teaching.

Collaborative Approaches – We value opportunities to work collaboratively with our colleagues to share and review our practices and to strive for continual

School Community – We recognise the importance of involving the whole school community in the teaching and learning process of all students.

"Caring, Learning and Working Together."
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