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School Code of Conduct

Dryandra Primary School’s Code of Conduct aims to ensure that the ‘Rights and Responsibilities of all School Community Members’ are met.

  • Care, respect and cooperate with others.
  • Respect the property of others.
  • Play safely and sensibly at all times.

Dryandra Primary School’s Beliefs and Expectations for Behaviour

At Dryandra Primary School we hold the following shared beliefs to help facilitate and encourage positive student behaviour:

Effective Relationships – We believe that effective relationships between people lead to a sense of belonging.

Behaviour is learned – We understand that behaviour is learned and that there are reasons behind them. All behaviours have a function: to get something or avoid something.

Positive behaviour can be taught – New behaviours can be explicitly taught over time.

Behaviour is a shared responsibility – Student behaviour is a responsibility of the home and school. Working together provides the best opportunities for success.

Supportive Environment – A safe, calm and predictable environment provides the best opportunity for optimal behaviour.

Rights and Responsibilities of School Community Members

Rights and Responsibilities of Students

  • Learn in a supportive, safe and friendly environment
  • Respect the rights of other children to learn and teachers to teach
  • Feel supported to accept responsibility for their behaviour
  • Provided with opportunities to learn appropriate behaviours and self-discipline

Rights and Responsibilities of Staff

  • Work in a safe, supportive and respectful environment
  • Provide appropriate programs to encourage positive behaviour and engagement
  • Establish behaviour management processes that protect the rights of all
  • Communicate with parents about their child when necessary

Rights and Responsibilities of Parents

  • Actively support the school with the education and behaviour of their child

"Caring, Learning and Working Together."
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