Dryandra Drum - Fifth Edition - 28 October 2022

Dryandra Drum - Fifth Edition

Term 4 Week 3 - 28 October 2022

Principal's message

Dear parents and carers

Welcome to Term 4! This term is a very busy one, with swimming lessons this week and in Week 4. Swimming is such an important skill and it is good to see that most students are attending lessons. Of course, we would love to see all the students attending.

Mr Biemmi has gone to Yanchep Lagoon Primary School and we congratulate him on his principal role in a much larger school. We wish him every success at his new school. They are certainly fortunate to have gained such an experienced and caring principal.

Later this term, will be the ‘Jump into Kindy’ transition program for the children who will start kindergarten in 2023. The program commences on 10 November with the introductory meeting for parents and is followed by four weekly sessions where children participate in a special kindy program, while parents meet together, have a coffee (or tea) and some biscuits, while they learn about how to best support their children to have the best introduction to education. We are hoping to see all parents there. Interpreters will be there to support parents.


As we head towards the end of the year, I would like to remind everyone of the importance of regular attendance. Regular attendance is 90% and above, but if your child has an attendance rate of 90%, this means they are missing out on one day every fortnight, and over 10 school years, they will have missed out on a year of education! So, 80% attendance is equal to two missed years! Of course, if your child is unwell, it is best that they stay at home and return to school when they have recovered.

School Development Day

On Monday 7 November is our school development day, so students will not be attending school.


We would love to see more parents attend the P&C meetings, as they say, many hands make light work. The more parents are involved, the less the workload on the committee. The P&C does some very important work, which includes planning events for fundraising to support students. This year the P&C has contributed money for several important initiatives, including the Jump into Kindy program, the purchase of children’s books in different languages to encourage the keeping of children’s first language, and a substantial contribution to the Year 6 graduation.

The P&C needs a new treasurer, as well as some other office bearers to support this important work. If the time of the P&C meeting is an issue, please come and see me and I am sure we can try to work out another time that might be more convenient for everybody. Staff Car Park Please can parents/carers not use the staff car park to park in the morning and afternoons. This area is not to drop off or pickup students.

There is a disabled bay for Acarod users only at the bottom of the driveway. Thank you for your understanding.

I look forward to seeing you all at the assembly on Thursday 17 November.

Regina Kroczek


Dates for your Diary

Monday October 24 to Friday November 4 - Swimming lessons for students Pre-Primary to Year 6

Monday 7 November School Development day - No students

Wednesday 9 November School Board meeting 6.00pm

Thursday 10 November 2023 Kindy parent meeting

Thursday 17 November 2023 Kindy Jump into Kindy Session 1 - 9.00am-10.30am/Assembly Room 8 @ 2.00pm

Thursday 24 November 2023 Kindy Jump into Kindy Session 2 - 9.00am-10.30am

Thursday 1 December 2023 Kindy Jump into Kindy Session 3 - 9.00am-10.30am

Friday 2 December PBS Whole school reward day (proposed)

Monday 5 December Year 6 Graduation excursion

Tuesday 6 December Class Awards/Early Childhood Assembly 9.00am/Thank you morning tea 10.30am

Thursday 8 December 2023 Kindy Jump into Kindy Session 4 - 9.00am-10.30am/Year 6 Graduation ceremony 5.00pm -7.00pm

Wednesday 14 December Christmas concert 2.00pm/School Board meeting 6.00pm

Thursday 15 December Last day of year

Please collect your Free RAT tests from the office and the class teacher.

A very successful Colour Run Friday 29 September

We raised $2078 to put towards some great resources for our school. Fantastic effort everyone. Fundraising prizes will go home next week!


Our whole school target for the end of this year is to reach 50,000 PBS points. If all the classrooms work hard and reach this target, we will have a whole school celebration with 50K Day. Activities will include Inflatable Bubble Soccer, Vault Gaming Trucks, Loose Parts activities, a Scavenger Hunt, Nacho Making and other cooking activities. We all need to work hard together to achieve this target, because Together Everyone Achieves More

Room 16 PBS rewards

2 - Reward 1- Extra playground time

3 - Reward 2- Soccer game

4 - Reward 3- Outside fitness

5 - Reward 4- iPad time

Room 5 - having earnt 4000 Dojo points had a movie and popcorn reward on Monday 19 September

Come and join in our walk and talk group - each Wednesday from 8.00am with Mr Telford

Encourage family and friends to enrol their child at our Dryandra Primary School kindergarten program. It is the BEST in Western Australia!

Dryandra Drum - Third Edition - 12 August 2022

Dryandra Drum - Third Edition

Term 3 Week 4 - 12 August 2022

Dates for your Diary


Monday 15 August to Friday 19 - Science Week

Monday 22 August to Friday 26 August - Book Week colouring in competition

Friday 2 Sept- Faction Carnival

Thursday 8 Sep- Room 1 Assembly @ 2.00pm

Monday 12 Sept- Book Fair

Tuesday 13 Sept- Learning Journey

Friday 23 Sept- Colour Run

Principal's Message

Dear parents and carers

My name is Steve Ioannou and I have been given the privilege to step in as Principal for Paul Biemmi who is currently on long service leave. I have spent the last three weeks getting to know the wonderful staff, students and some parents at Dryandra PS.I have felt very welcomed by everyone. It has been great to have the opportunity to work at another school and see so many of the wonderful things happening in and out of the classrooms around the school. Just a reminder that there are many exciting events coming up at Dryandra PS throughout the remainder of the term, Science Week, Book Week, Book Fair , Colour Run, Faction and Interschool Carnivals. I'm sure all of these events are going to be amazing.I look forward to my last week at Dryandra PS before I head back to my substantive Deputy Principal position at Koondoola Primary School. Thank you again everyone for such a warm welcome.

COVID Measures - Please consider

While we continue to manage the impact of COVID-19, we must not diminish some of the simple things we can do to protect ourselves as individuals.

  • It is important that if your child is not feeling well, please do not send him/her to school. Even if it isn’t COVID -19, we don’t want to make other students or staff ill with a cold or flu.
  • Even though masks are no longer mandatory, if you feel that your child will be safer wearing a mask, we are happy to support this in the classroom.
  • Please continue to social distance- especially at the beginning and end of each school day when there are groups of parents waiting outside classrooms.
  • Please continue to wash hands regularly and use hand sanitiser.
  • Please remind your child to sneeze or cough into an elbow.

With these simple acts, we will continue to keep all of our staff, parents and students safe from COVID-19 and other illnesses.

Please collect your Free RAT tests from the office.

Gina Williams & Guy Ghous

Gina Williams and Guy Ghouse were booked to perform as part of NAIDOC celebrations at Dryandra PS. This amazing event had to be postponed until this week. It was absolutely amazing have Gina and Guy at our school on Monday, teaching us all about local Noongar language through songs Gina and Guy have written . The whole school attended, sang, laughed and danced throughout their performance. Thanks again Gina and Guy for immersing us in Aboriginal language and culture.

Room 5 celebrating a Free dress day after collecting 300 Dojo points.

Room 16 also had a Free dress day after collecting 300 Dojo points. Each time a class gets close to a target of Dojo points they get to vote for a reward. This time they chose free dress.

Merit Certificates - Thursday 11 August 2022

K/PP - Ali M & Fatima A

Pre-Primary - Yahya M, Valerie S & Ophelia C

Room 1 - Ikshitha BK & Hasan A

Room 2 - Dina Y & Berat G

Room 8 - Kayla N & Eli E

Room 5 - Esmerelda D ,Kim H & Nasteeho N

Room 16 - Anh V , Aysegul A , Abdulasis A & Phi T

Room 17- Janice L , Xavia T & Nikola I

Room 18 - Melody N ,Aaron T , Aleesha F & Kaylanni G

HASS - Lujane Y- Room 16 & Kieran Q Room 5

AUSLAN - Joy H- Room 5 , Lujane Y- Room 16 & Mehreen K- Room 5

DANCE - Kayla N- Room 8

Aussie of the month for August

Kim Huynh - Room 5

Craig Hollywood, WA’s Australian of the Year nominee for Local Hero 2022, visited Dryandra to speak to students and hand out the Aussie of the Month Award. Mr Hollywood’s charity, Short, Back and Sidewalks provides haircuts and conversation to our homeless and those down on their luck. One man with a single idea that has made a huge difference.

Room 16 after presenting their Assembly item all about the solar system

2023 Kindergarten Enrolments NOW DUE.

Encourage family and friends to enrol their child at our Dryandra Primary School kindergarten program. It is the BEST in Western Australia!

Colour Run - 23 September 2022

Mr Ioannou will not be here on the last day of Term 3 ,so today he put on his promotional hat t shirt, shorts and socks to show the students how much fun they will have taking part in the next P&C fundraiser- The Colour run.

Students have all been given the flyers and forms to get busy with their fundraising. Please contact the office if you have any questions.

Dear Parents and Guardians,

This term, we are hosting a Colour Splatacular School Fun Run to help us fundraise for our school. This will be held on Friday 23 September 2022. To achieve our goal, we trying to raise $4000.00 as a school community.

Students will need to bring a WHITE shirt to wear during the Fun Run. They will be covered in non toxic, biodegradable colour powder and ooey gooey slime from head to toe!

Is the powder and slime safe?

The non-toxic colour powder is made of high-quality corn starch and permitted food colours, so it’s safe for skin and eyes. The water-based slime is designed for contact with skin, so it’s safe for skin and eyes. If you would like to view the Safety Data Material Sheet, visit the school office. Students with asthma are advised to be careful in their decision to participate.

How does my child fundraise?

Fundraising for our School is easy – simply follow the instructions outlined in your child’s sponsorship booklet.

Your child can accept donations online by creating a cybersafe fundraising profile at Click here – To Create Your Profile Page

Or you can also collect cash donations with your sponsorship booklet . If you collect cash, please return your donations with your booklet to the office before 20 September 2022.

How do I order my child’s incentive prizes?

You can order your child’s prizes online between 24 September and 30 September. Or, complete the back page of your sponsorship booklet when you return your cash donations. Order one prize based on the total amount of dollars raised, or mix and match smaller prizes.

Check out your sponsorship booklet for more awesome Monty prizes up for grabs, like a Monty Plush toy, a bag tag or a high-bounce handball!

Thanks in advance for your support, and happy fundraising!

Andi Hancock P&C

President Dryandra Primary School

Thank you so much for supporting our school, especially through fundraising.

A message from our Chaplain Mr Ward

Weekly Dad Tips

The relationship you have with your daughter is like no other. From the day she is born, you play a key and unique part in her life which will influence the woman she becomes. Fathering and raising your daughter will come with many fulfilling but also challenging moments. As a dad, your role will change as she gets older. But what's important is staying engaged, and being there.

Top Tips

1. Be there. No matter the situation, let your daughter know you are always there for her, through the good and bad. Be a safe space and listen, you don't always need to provide solutions.

2. Speak words of positivity. A girl's self-esteem is built on healthy, supportive relationships, especially with her dad.

3. Make quality time a priority. Give her your undivided attention and spend time doing something together. Whether it's simple, like reading together, or taking her on a dad date.

Dad joke of the week

Did you hear about the restaurant on the moon? Great food, no atmosphere..

Newsletter 8 - 20 July 2022

Dear parents and carers

Welcome back to an exciting Term 3 at Dryandra Primary School. It is wonderful to be back and lovely to reacquaint myself with staff, parents and students.

Along with Science Week, Book Week, Book Fair , Faction and Interschool Carnivals, there will be lots of class enrichment activities happening this term.

It is terrific to see all of the great work that has been done at Dryandra while I have been away.

Firstly, a big thank you to Mrs Kroczek for all of her efforts in Semester 1. There is a new business plan which has been developed by the staff and the School Board. It is an important document in which to support our school’s improvement agenda.

You can find the link below.

Mrs Kroczek has gone to North Morley Primary School for Term 3 as the acting principal. This is a great opportunity for her and we wish her all the best. Ms Owers will be taking on the deputy role in her absence.

We would like to welcome a new permanent staff member Mrs Laura Holloway. Mrs Holloway will be providing literacy support to English as an Additional Language/Dialect students. This is a positive way of ensuring success for our students with multicultural backgrounds. Mrs Holloway will be commencing in Week 3.

I would also like to acknowledge the efforts of Ms Robinson who has gone to Marangaroo PS for the semester. Ms Robinson supported the school with Humanities and Social Sciences (HaSS) and mathematics. At the moment we have Mr Greg Longman who will be undertaking the role for the next few weeks.

The school has also received some positive news including the Channel 7 New School Champion nomination and being identified by the Department of Education as a school with exemplary practice with our phonics programs. We should all be proud of these achievements.

I would also like to acknowledge the wonderful work undertaken in the Aboriginal Garden and the new play areas in the kindergarten and pre-primary areas. These help to create a lovely learning environment throughout the school.

COVID-19 Measures

While we continue to manage the impact of COVID-19, we must not diminish some of the simple things we can do to protect ourselves as individuals.

  • It is important that if your child is not feeling well, please do not send him/her to school. Even if it isn’t COVID -19, we don’t want to make other students or staff ill with a cold or flu.
  • Even though masks are no longer mandatory, if you feel that your child will be safer wearing a mask, we are happy to support this in the classroom.
  • Please continue to social distance- especially at the beginning and end of each school day when there are groups of parents waiting outside classrooms.
  • Please continue to wash hands regularly and use hand sanitiser.
  • Please remind your child to sneeze or cough into an elbow.

With these simple acts, we will continue to keep all of our staff, parents and students safe from COVID-19 and other illnesses. I have decided to take some long service leave for the next 4 weeks commencing in Week 2. I will be returning in Week 6. The acting principal at this time will be Mr Steven Ioannou. Mr Ioannou is the current deputy at Koondoola Primary School and is looking forward to working at Dryandra Primary for the next few weeks. I am sure that our school community will make him very welcome.

Please free to come into the office and say ‘hello’ over the next few days.

Take care and I will see everyone in the next few weeks.

Kindest regards

Mr Biemmi

Newsletter 7 - 1 July 2022

Dear parents and carers

Congratulations to Room 17 for a wonderful assembly! Not only was it entertaining, but the sales pitch for the Teachers’ Useful Silencer Bot was so convincing that I am hoping this will be developed soon. What a great idea!

WA Premier Portrait Competition

Dr Carmen Lawrence attended the school to choose the winners of this wonderful competition. Student leaders and Ms Robinson took her for a tour around the school, where she enjoyed looking at some classrooms and she joined staff for morning tea. She spent some time answering questions from students in D Block and really enjoyed her visit with us. Thank you Ms Robinson for organising this exciting visit.


We had a lovely week celebrating NAIDOC, with this year’s theme: Get Up, Stand Up, Show Up. Although the Gina Williams workshop was cancelled, we managed to have an assembly to celebrate NAIDOC by singing songs and learning about what Reconciliation is and what each one of us can do to value Aboriginal culture and language and ensure that we include Aboriginal families in everything we do. Aboriginal elder Carol Foley joined us for Welcome to Country, which was in English and Noongar. Students spent time in the Aboriginal garden, some to do some yarning, and others went to listen to Aboriginal stories, and our wonderful AIEO, Mel Saylor and Carol Foley, painted the message posts and they look amazing! Ms Saylor and Mrs Wallace helped students put their handprints on some of the posts.

I would like to thank Carol Foley, Mel Saylor, Taylor Mondy, Ms Salame and Mrs Wallace for organising everything, especially as some things needed to be changed at the last minute.

Extension Group Design Competition

The extension group worked hard this term and they designed some great coins, which were printed on a 3D printer. We ran a competition and the winners are:

Year 5 and Year 6

  • 1st Prize Kader Compaore
  • 2nd Prize Billy Beukes

Year 3 and Year 4

  • 1st Prize Dylan Le
  • 2nd Prize Philos Nguyen

It was really difficult to choose and if it were possible, I would have given every student a prize. Well done everyone!

Thank You

I would like to take this opportunity to thank students, parents staff and the community for your wonderful support while I stepped into the principal role for first semester. Your support and kindness has been appreciated and I have enjoyed working with you all in this capacity.

Warm Regards,

Regina Kroczek


Room 17 Assmbly

This term, Room 17 have been learning how to write persuasive advertisements. We have been looking at what techniques advertisers use to persuade the reader to buy their product. With this knowledge, Room 17 created an innovative text, advertising a product that was targeted towards teachers at Dryandra Primary School. This amazing, new gadget was called the T-U-S Bot (The Teachers Useful Silencer Bot). The students of Room 17 presented this advertisement to Dryandra Primary School at the school assembly on June 23 (Hopefully persuading many teachers!).

Ms Ayre

Kindy/Pre-Primary - Ms Coventry/Ms Salame

Fatima Al Nasser & Sarah Felix

Pre-Primary - Mrs Wallace/Ms Cutler

Victoria Htoo, Rosemary Bajram & Evan Htoo

Year 1 Room 1 - Ms Pusey

Haneen Alshami, Ara Beukes & Mohammad Maher

Year 2 Room 2 - Mrs McGee

Jaymelia Little, Summer Siraj & Hamza Hashi

Year 3/4 Room 5 - Ms Walters

Shiny Glory, Joy Htoo & Eh T Gar Gaw

Year 3 Room 8 - Mrs Fairhead/Mrs Nettleton

Myat Phu Htun, Henry Wai & Yommanar Gillies

Year 4/5 Room 16 - Ms Amin/ Ms Salame

Meea Godbold, Gleshan Bautro & Jafar Al Zeidan

Years 5/6 Room 17 - Ms Ayres

Jenny Wai, Isaac Hlawn Ceu & Billy Beukes

Years 6 Room 18 - Mr Nguyen

Harmony Websdale, Kylah Cameron Stacey, Kader Compaore & Asmina Khan

AUSLAN/Dance – Ms Salame

Joanne Al Hilaly Room 18, Sean Sariago Room 17 & Raiyan Salmani Room 1

HASS – Ms Robinson

Kailynn Dhu Room 18 & Amy Thapa Room 18

Wonderful effort!

Out and about at Dryandra

Aussie of the month winner for May is Emily Htoo Room 8

A thank you gift from Dryandra Primary School presented to Dr Carmen Lawrence designed and painted by Kailynn and Aleesha

Thank you Ms Van Dijken-for 21 years of service to the students at Dryandra Primary School. Ms Van Dijken has retired this year and hopes to spend more time with her grandchildren and travelling the world.

Dryandra Primary School P&C would like to say a BIG Thankyou to Fred and his family for donating $105.50. They have been collecting containers and have taken them for recycling. You are so very generous!

Congratulation to our winners of the Premiers poster challenge 2022Emily Htoo Year 3 Room 8 for her picture of Dr Carmen Lawrence Mia Le Year 6 Room 18 for her picture of Mr George Throssell

Warriapendi Dental Therapy Centre will be open on Thursday 7 July and Friday 8 July. Then Wednesday 13 July to Friday 15 July in the school holidays. For emergency treatment call Ballajura Dental Therapy Centre on 9249 3812.

Interschool results Friday 17 & 24 June

Interschool 17 June @ Nollamara

  • AFL —Nollamara 24 defeated Dryandra 18
  • Netball– Nollamara 7 defeated Dryandra 6
  • Soccer– Dryandra 2 defeated Nollamara 0
  • Basketball– Dryandra 20 drew Nollamara 20

Interschool 24 June @ Hudson Park

  • AFL– Hudson Park 62 defeated Dryandra 14
  • Netball-Hudson Pk 6defeated Dryandra 3
  • Soccer– Hudson Pk 4 defeated Dryandra
  • Basketball– Dryandra 44 defeated Hudson Pk 4

Important Dates to Remeber


Mon 18 Term 3 commences


Thur 11 Assembly Room 16

Mon 15-Fri 19 Science Week

Mon 22-Fri 26 Book week


Fri 2 Faction Athletics carnival

Thur 8 Room 2 Assembly

Fri 23 End of Term 3


Mon 10 Term 4 commences

Newsletter 6 - 2 June 2022

Dear parents and carers

Last week we had our first assembly with parents in attendance. It was wonderful to finally be able to involve families again and to have all students at assemblies, and having parents and carers at school really helps to support our students.

Congratulations to Room 2 for a wonderful assembly. All the students took on speaking parts and, even though there were some issues with equipment, they did an amazing job. Well done Mrs McGee and Room 2 students!

WA Day Celebrations

WA Premier Portrait Competition

Our school is participating in the WA Premier school competition again. We have asked our students to paint a portrait of two former premiers. This year we are focusing on George Thrussell (WA’s second premier) and Ms Carmen Lawrence (WA’s 25th premier and first female premier). The winning portraits will be displayed in our school library. Ms Carmen Lawrence will be coming to the school in Week 9 to choose the winning portraits. She will also spend time with the students from the senior block to speak about her experiences during her time as premier.

Addressing Other Children’s Behaviour

Please report any inappropriate/unkind behaviour, by another child towards your child, to the classroom teacher, or to the deputy principal or me. It is important that such behaviour is addressed, but please do not approach someone else’s child to address behaviour issues. To do so would be inappropriate and has the possibility of causing other problems. I would like to assure you that when such problems are reported, we address these at the school and support children to behave appropriately.


Held at Dryandra Primary School on 14 June 9:00 am – 11:00 am.

This is for parents to help them support children who might have anxiety. Anxiety in children is quite common and can be caused by a number of factors. It is good to be aware and know what you can do to support your child/ren if they ever develop anxiety.

A crèche will be provided for younger siblings. Please phone the school to let us know if you will be attending and how many children will go to the crèche. Deadline for the crèche booking is Thursday 9 June this is to help us with staffing for the morning.


Don’t forget, if your child would like to play sport outside of school, the Edmund Rice Centre runs several sports programs for children. They even provide students with a snack and a drink. The link is below.

Community Development & Aboriginal Services - Edmund Rice Centre WA (

Warm Regards,

Regina Kroczek


Room 2 Assembly

We chose “What a Wonderful World,” because we have no war in Perth; we don’t have floods; we don’t have rules like girls can’t go to school or they can’t learn, they only do house work.

In Australia, many cultures can go to school and people can do anything they chose. They control their bodies and their lives.

In Australia we have doctors that can help us; police that can help us; ambulance that can help us and fire fighters that can help us too.

We have a wonderful world.

By Nadine

Kindy /Pre Primary— Ms Coventry/Ms Salame

Hasan Siringul & Kylah Driscoll

Pre Primary 1-Mrs Wallace/Ms Cutler

Safiya Abdulasis & Massiel Terrazas Bernal

Year 1 Room 1 -Ms Pusey

Raiyan Salmani & Stacey Sariago

Year 2 Room 2 –Mrs McGee

Iris Htoo, Fatma Sena Aksahin & John Daita

Year 3/4 Room 5 -Ms Walters

Emily Steinberger, Spencer Dawson & Abdullah Al Mahameed

Year 3 Room 8 -Mrs Fairhead/ Mrs Nettleton

Aleigha Foster & Shambale Rashidi

Year 4/5 Room 16 - Ms Amin/ Ms Salame

Dylan Le, Sahana Khan & Saja Tayem

Years 5 /6 Room 17 -Ms Ayres

Nasiira Hassan Nasir, Mia Le, Sylas Foster & Fatmagul Aksahin

Years 6 Room 18 -Mr Nguyen

Brendan McKenna, Yousef Muhi & Caitlyn Boyland

AUSLAN / Dance – Ms Salame

Mia Le, Jamyshia Anderson, Veli Siringul, Esther Htoo, Denis Siklosi (Auslan) Stacey Sariago (Dance)

HASS –Ms Robinson

Kieran Quiroz, Spencer Dawson & Mohamed Hammad

Wonderful effort !

Interschool results Friday 20 & 27 May

These Interschool games were held at home.

AFL —Dryandra 71 defeated Nollamara 17

Netball– Dryandra 8 defeated Nollamara 6

Soccer– Nollamara 3 defeated Dryandra 0

Basketball– Dryandra 55 defeated Nollamara 4

AFL— Hudson Pk 60 defeated Dryandra 40

Netball– Dryandra 10 defeated Hudson Pk 5

Soccer– Hudson Pk 4 defeated Dryandra 0

Basketball– Dryandra 56 defeated Hudson Pk 6

The hard training paid off for all the teams this week and the results show this.

Newsletter 5 - 13 May 2022


Covid doesn't discriminate and Mrs Kroczek has come down with the virus. She is off for the week and we wish her and all the others in our community a speedy recovery.

Free RATs

A note has been sent home about free RATs available for children enrolled at our school. 1 box of twenty RATs are available to each child at Dryandra PS. Parents, please see administration for your box of tests.


NAPLAN 2022 has started. All Year 3 and 5 students will be taking part in this national testing program until May 20. Please ensure your children are off their technology at night and well rested so that they can be at school on time.

Ms Owers

Acting Principal

Important Dates to Remember


Mon 16 - NAPLAN

Tue 17 - NAPLAN

Wed 18 - NAPLAN

Thur 18 - NAPLAN

Fri 20 - Lightning Carnival game 2 at Dryandra PS

Fri 27 - Lightning Carnival game 3 at Dryandra PS


Fri 3 - School Development Day No Students

Mon 6 - WA Day public holiday

Fri 10 - Lightning carnival game 4 at Dryandra PS

Tue 14 - School Photos– all day. Triple P Fear-less program 9.00-11.00am

Fri 17 - Lightning carnival game 4 at Nollamara PS

Wed 22 - School board meeting at 7.00pm in the Conference room

Interschool results Friday May 6

Our Football, Soccer, Netball & Basketball teams made their way to Boyare on Friday to take part in the first of 6 weeks of team games.

Football—Boyare 26 defeated Dryandra 24

Netball– Boyare 17 defeated Dryandra 0

Soccer– Boyare 5 defeated Dryandra 1

Basketball– Dryandra 14 defeated Boyare 7

All the members of this weeks teams were to be congratulated on the way they participated . Some great skills were on display.

The next game will be Friday 20 May at home. Parents are welcomed to come along. Games start at 1.45pm.

Newsletter 4 - 8 April 2022

Dear parents and carers,

Today is the last day of the term and I would like to take this opportunity to thank our parents, the school board, staff, students and the community for their support throughout this term. I certainly look forward to things going back to ‘normal’ and being able to focus totally on student needs and their education.

Next term some restrictions will ease and we will be able to have full assemblies again. While we still have to adhere to some Covid-safe protocols, we really look forward to parents, carers and members of the community attending assemblies.

Today was our ANZAC Ceremony, and we will share this on our Facebook page and hopefully we will manage to send a link home so everyone can access this. The students did an amazing job! They spoke clearly and the poem that was recited brought tears to our eyes. Just beautiful.


On 30 March, we had visitors from the Edmund Rice Centre attend the school and they spoke to various classes about programs they run in the local area. Their programs are all free of charge and are either after school, or on Saturdays. Children have the opportunity to attend art classes, leadership classes, soccer, AFL, basketball or theatre classes. These are a wonderful opportunity for children to meet others, play games and build relationships while learning new skills. Please follow the link below, or ask the school for an information pamphlet.

Community Development & Aboriginal Services - Edmund Rice Centre WA (

I wish each of our families and members of the community a wonderful holiday break. Stay safe and take care of each other.

Warm Regards,

Regina Kroczek



Our assembly this week was presented by the Year 6 students from Room 18. The student produced small video clips with messages on expected behaviours at school along with a very important message on bullying.

Kindy /Pre Primary— Ms Coventry/Ms Salame
Momina Rahimi & Malak Al-Saadi
Pre Primary 1-Mrs Wallace/Ms Cutler
Venesia Dalipova, Plato Nguyen & Harun Hashi
Year 1 Room 1 - Ms Pusey
Nawaal Nasir & Maryam Gholami
Year 2 Room 2 – Mrs McGee
Aurora Shabani & Luka Ivanovski
Year 3/4 Room 5 - Ms Walters
Hassan Al Minshidawi, Rakan Salmani & Kerim Aksahin
Year 3 Room 8 - Mrs Fairhead/ Mrs Nettleton
Melvin Nguyen & Ahmed Alshami
Year 4/5 Room 16 - Ms Dunstan/Ms Salame
Emilee Foster, Yusef Aksahin & Rayan Siraj
Years 5/6 Room 17 - Ms Ayres
Lucy Da Luz, Jessy Htoo, Jamyshia Anderson & Sean Sariago
Years 6 Room 18 - Mr Nguyen
Zeinab Al Minshidawi , Rebecca Bawi Hung, Alyssa Moss & Mukhtar Nour
AUSLAN - Ms Salame
Aleigha Foster Room 8, Jafar Al Zeidan Room 16 & Mukhtar Nour Room 18
HASS – Ms Robinson
Hasan Aksahin Room 1 & Jarrah Cameron-Stacey Room 16
Wonderful Effort!

Year 6 student Kailynn Dhu has been offered a scholarship to attend Mount Lawley Senior High School for 2023. Congratulations Kailynn

PBS rewards

Room 1 reached 400 PBS tickets on Friday April 1.  We celebrated with a whole class reward of a movie afternoon with popcorn and comfy cushions!

Room 16 is up to 1600 PBS tickets and the class celebrated Monday with a round of Diamond Cricket in the undercover area. Scores were 7-7. Kids had a super time whacking the ball out of sight!

b>P&C Easter Raffle Winners

  • 1st Quiroz Family
  • 2nd Tyrecee Kaushik
  • 3rd Beukes Family
  • 4th Felix Family
  • 5th Quiroz Family
  • 6th Berat Aksahin
  • 7th Mrs McGee
  • 8th Jenny Wai
  • 9th Lucy Da Luz
  • 10th Harmony Websdale
  • 11th Deb James
  • 12th Felix Family

Important Dates to Remember


Mon 25 - ANZAC Day Public Holiday

Tues 26 - Term 2 Commences


Tue 3 - P&C AGM at 7.00pm in the Conference room—please contact the office if you can attend

Mon 9 - Thur 11 - NAPLAN

Mon 16 - Thur 19 - NAPLAN

Newsletter 3 - 31 March 2022

Dear parents and carers

This term has been a rather difficult term with many disruptions and additional stresses due to Covid-19. I would like to thank our students, parents and the school community for their patience and the many ways in which they have supported Dryandra Primary School. Students in Years 3-6 have had the additional discomfort of mask wearing and many parents and carers have had students in isolation at home, or unwell. Thank you for keeping the school informed and updated on the impact on your families, this has been appreciated and has helped us to identify close contacts fairly quickly. I hope that all restrictions will ease next term, and we can get back to having parents and carers more involved in events at school.

Today’s newsletter is an additional newsletter as we have had to make some changes due to staff and student absences.

The Room 18 assembly is now in Week 10, on 7 April at 2 .00pm. This will be filmed and we hope to share this on the Facebook page. Next week’s newsletter will have the certificate recipients published. At this assembly, the Easter raffle will be drawn and I wish everyone the best of luck in the draw.

On April 8 we will have our ANZAC ceremony at 9:00 am. Unfortunately, we are unable to welcome parents to this year’s ceremony. We will film this and are hoping to share it on the Facebook page and send a link to parents so they can watch this important event.


On 30 March, we had visitors from the Edmund Rice Centre attend the school and they spoke to various classes about programs they run in the local area. Their programs are all free of charge and are either after school, or on Saturdays. Children have the opportunity to attend art classes, leadership classes, soccer, AFL, basketball or theatre classes. These are a wonderful opportunity for children to meet others, play games and build relationships while learning new skills. Please follow the link below, or ask the school for an information pamphlet.

Community Development & Aboriginal Services - Edmund Rice Centre WA (


Interim reports will be sent home on Monday. These are a snapshot of how students are going and are a replacement of the parent interviews we were going to have. If you would like to make a time to speak with your child’s teacher, please phone the office to make an appointment. Telephone interviews would be preferred, but if you need an interpreter, we will make alternative arrangements to accommodate this. The last newsletter for the term will be next week.

Warm Regards,

Regina Kroczek


Newsletter 2 - 4 March 2022

Dear parents and carers 

Today, I would like to express my sincere thanks to all of you for your support with the requirement of mask wearing for Year 3-6 students. I have been to classes this morning and not only are students wearing masks, but they are wearing them correctly. This is really appreciated and shows your care for staff and other families in our school community. Thank you.

Unfortunately, we were unable to upload the video of the recent assembly due to some technical difficulties. Ms Walters is going to get her class to do the item again and I will film it and try to upload the class item on its own so parents from Room 5 will be able to see their children’s performance. Please bear with us as we learn to do some things in a different way to stay connected.


If your child is unwell, please keep them at home. If a child shows cold or flu symptoms, or is generally unwell, we will be sending them home as a precaution. I understand that this is sometimes very inconvenient, but at the moment we need to ensure that we manage the spread of illness as much as possible.

If your child has cold or flu symptoms, or diarrhea, please get them tested. If a test is positive, it is important to let me know as soon as possible. Thank you for helping to look after our community.


On a positive note, the past five weeks have been very calm, with very few behaviour issues in classrooms and in the playground. The children have settled back into the routine of school and I am seeing some really great work being produced in classrooms.


On Monday 7 March is a public holiday and the following day, Tuesday 8 March is our school development day. So this coming weekend will be an extra-long weekend for students, while teachers will be doing some professional learning and planning for their students. Enjoy the time with your children.


Usually in first term we have teacher/parent interviews where teachers meet with parents to discuss their child’s academic progress, achievements and social and emotional needs. Due to Covid-19, these interviews are not able to go ahead this term. Teachers will be preparing Interim Reports instead. This is a simplified report which will provide you with important updates on your child’s progress. These reports will be sent home with your child in Week 9. If you would like to speak with your child’s teacher after receiving the interim report, please make an appointment and a meeting will be scheduled for you. Meetings with parents can’t be held in classrooms at the moment, so another room will be used for this.

Thank you for your understanding. We certainly hope that we will be back to ‘normal’ in the near future.


This year students will be doing Harmony activities in the classrooms but unfortunately due to the COVID-19 restrictions we are under, there will be no food prepared or brought into the school to share We will be taking photos of these activities and posting on the schools Facebook page.

Enjoy the long weekend!

Warm Regards,

Regina Kroczek


Due to the restriction we had for this assembly, these were the only Merit award winners available for a photo. I hope to be able to get all winners photos for our next assembly. Mrs Clough

Kindy/Pre Primary —Ms Coventry/Ms Salame
Ivy Thaimadan & Colleen Quiroz
Pre Primary - Mrs Wallace/Mrs Hutchinson
Mystique Cameron-Stacey & Suraya Mohamed Firdus
Year 1 Room 1 - Ms Pusey
Haifaa Al Mahamed & Frederick Mynn
Year 2 Room 2 - Mrs McGee
Nadine Mohamed Kheir & Joseph Glory
Year 3 Room 8 – Mrs Fairhead/Mrs Nettleton
Emily Htoo & Roqaya Gholami
Year 3/4 Room 5 - Ms Walters
Mehreen Kaur & Shimbi Rashidi
Year 4/5 Room 16 - Ms Dunstan
Sumaya Ismaile, Shoniece Little & Noah Gahan
Years 5/6 Room 17 - Ms Ayres
Reyhaneh Sadeghi, Noor Gholami, Tay Ho & Firat Gokot
Years 6 Room 18 - Mr Nguyen
Joanne Al Hilaly, Dila Aksahin, Kailynn Dhu & Noah Mohamed Kheir
AUSLAN - Ms Salame
Nadine Mohamed Kheir Room 2 Esmerelda Dalipova Room 5 Xavia Toomath Room 17
HASS – Ms Robinson
Lindy Beukes Room 5 & Aleesha Farrell Room 17
Great work everyone


In 2018, Dryandra Primary School began its journey into Positive Behaviour Support or PBS.

PBS is our school-wide approach aimed at improving the academic and behavioural outcomes of all students. PBS works to establish a climate in which appropriate behaviour is the norm. This occurs through the use of proactive strategies and the explicit teaching of behavioural expectations. Our goal is to create a safe, positive learning environment where students are engaged and successful.

At Dryandra, our core behaviour values are demonstrated through the whole school values of Caring, Learning and Working Together. Have you seen these values on our school motto/emblem?

Each fortnight our students are explicitly taught these values through classroom based activities and are continuously encouraged to actively demonstrate behaviours derived from these values in the classroom, during break-times and as wider community member. Students are awarded PBS tickets when they demonstrate the positive behaviours on our PBS Behaviours Matrix, which is shown on our Matrix.

In 2022 our PBS Committee is made up of Ms Madeleine Pusey, Ms Kate Dunstan, Miss Helene Salame, Mr Scott Telford and Mrs Tennille Nettleton.

Sadly, this year we see Mrs Carole Clough stepping down from her position on the PBS Committee, after 4 years. Carole was a foundation member of PBS and we thank her for her time, energy and commitment to PBS, and for helping to improve the outcomes for our students.


We strongly encourage our students to bring healthy eating options to school regularly. Natural foods can be cut up and portioned for great nutritional benefit and do not cost any more than artificial and pre-packaged options.

Students learn about food groups and healthy lifestyle choices as part of the Western Australian Curriculum and would benefit from partaking in shopping trips, where they can select healthy eating options for themselves to bring to school for recess and lunch.

Teachers will be awarding dojo points to students who demonstrate healthy eating and lifestyle choices. This also includes showing effort with Physical Education, block sports and morning fitness.

Mr Telford

PE Teacher

Newsletter 1 - 7 February 2022

Dear parents and carers 

Welcome back to all students and families for 2022. I would also like to take this opportunity to welcome new staff, students and members of the community. Together, we can help the students of Dryandra Primary School succeed academically, personally and socially.

Paul Biemmi is currently leading another school for Semester 1, and I have stepped into his position. Ms Owers is working as the deputy principal, and we both look forward to working with everyone to support our students and their families. I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to the school community for supporting us and making us welcome in our respective new roles.


There are several new teachers at Dryandra Primary School, please make them feel welcome.
Room 18 - Mr Minh Nguyen
Room 17 - Ms Jasmine Ayres
Room 8 – Mrs Tennille Nettleton (Wednesday-Friday) (Ms Van Dijken is on LSL for Term 1)
Room K—Ms Leah Carmody
HaSS and Art— Ms Jade-Marie Robinson
Physical Education—Mr Scott Telford


This term, the school board will have two meetings as there are more agenda items than we would be able to get through in one meeting. The additional meeting is planned for Week 5.

I would like to thank and congratulate our wonderful school board for all their work last year, this is appreciated. We are very fortunate to have some dedicated and committed parents, staff and community members who have a desire to improve our school.

Thank you to;

Mrs Nay Hta
Mrs Fardowso Osman Abdelle
Mrs Saba Ibrahim
Mr Son Nguyen
Mr Carlos Salmani
Ms Sharon Gillett
Dr Gill Kirk (Edith Cowan University and School Board Chair)
Mrs Julie McKay (Westminster Child and Parent Centre)
Mrs Megan Wallace (Staff Member)
Mrs Jody Brown (Staff Member)
Ms Sue Van Dijken (Staff Member)


Class introductory meetings were planned for Week 4, unfortunately, at this stage they will not be going ahead due to COVID-19 restrictions in schools. I will keep you updated if there are any changes. Teachers will provide you with information packages to ensure that you are aware of what each teacher’s expectations are in their classrooms.


Regular attendance by students is very important as this will help to ensure that they are here for every lesson. When students miss out on particular lessons, they sometimes have difficulties because of gaps in learning. While an attendance rate of 90% sounds very good, and we are pleased with 90%.; It is important to remember that in real terms, a child with a 90% attendance rate has missed 10% of school ,and over 10 years this equals one whole year. If a child is ill, of course it is best for them ,their friends and teachers if they stay at home.


Please remember that social distancing and wearing masks indoors are strategies we all need to use to prevent the spread of this virus. If you are waiting to collect your children outside classrooms, please remember to keep space between you and other parents. Your support in this is appreciated.


We would prefer to have students arrive at school as close to 8.30am as possible. This enables our students to get themselves organised, change home readers, etc. It also enables your child to ease into the day and not feel pressured.

Arriving to school late, puts your child in a difficult position especially if the class has already commenced learning or doing their work. If students arrive prior to 8.30am, then they are to go to the library. There will be a teacher on duty. Late students must go to the office for a late note before going to the classroom.

I wish everyone a wonderful first term.

Warm Regards

Regina Kroczek 



Mrs Regina Kroczek

Ms Liz Owers

Mrs Lee Geary

Mrs Carole Clough
Mrs Christine Stephens (Wed)

Mrs Jody Brown (Mon & Tue)

Kindy - K
Ms Leah Carmody
Mrs Dianne Brown (EA)

KP - ECE 2
Ms Teresa Coventry
Miss Helene Salame (Thur)

PP - ECE 1
Mrs Megan Wallace
Mrs Lauren Hutchinson (Thur & Fri)

1 - 1
Ms Maddy Pusey

2 - 2
Mrs Sherryl McGee

3 - 8
Mrs Margaret Fairhead (Mon & Tue)
Mrs Tennille Nettleton (Wed - Fri)

3/4 - 5
Ms Tracy Walters

4/5 - 16
Ms Kate Dunstan (Mon-Thurs)
Ms Helene Salame (Fri)

5/6 - 17
Ms Jasmine Ayres

6 - 18
Mr Minh Nguyen

PE - 13
Mr Scott Telford (Thurs & Fri)

HaSS & S&P - 9
Ms Jade-Marie Robinson (Mon-Thurs)

Miss Helene Salame (Mon -Wed)

  Ms Mel Saylor (Mon & Tue)

  Mrs Dianne Brown (Thurs Block B)
Mrs Amal Mustafa (Block A)

  Ms Taylor Mondy

  Mr David Ridley (Tue & Thurs)

  Mrs Debbie James
Ms Michelle Collier
Ms Rania Mohammad
Ms Aisha Yahya

Ms Sarah McLean (Tue)

Mr David Ward (Wed & Thurs)

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