Voluntary Contributions & Charges for 2019

Dryandra Primary School has one of the lowest contributions in the State.

We are asking everyone to make a real effort in paying these contributions because this helps to provide resources and consumables for our students e.g. art materials, classroom cooking etc. We accept Eftops and credit card payments through the office.

The following Voluntary Contributions will be in place for the 2019 school year:

Kindergarten - $60 per student
PP - Year 6 $20 per student

Additional extra cost options occur throughout the year to cover activities including In-term swimming lessons, interschool sports events, Year 6 graduation, incursions and excursions. Below is a breakdown of these options for year levels, they are maximum charges and could be less depending on actual costs in 2019. Note these activities are not compulsory but we encourage families to participate as the activities enrich a child's time at school.

 KindyPre PrimaryYear 1Year 2Year 3Year 4Year 5Year 6
Incursions/ Excursions$50$50$60$60$60$60$60$60
In-term swimming $70$70$70$70$70$70$70
Inter school// sport & carnivals$20$20$40$40$40$40
Graduation activities$80
Graduation t-shirt$40
PEAC $10$10$10$45$260$300
Instrumental Music$110

In addition to these charges families need to purchase school uniforms and provide personal use items (booklists).

The school provides a service for families to order personal items for student use, this is not compulsory but we do encourage you to use this service as the cost of items are at a reduced price. The costs for 2019 are between $22.00 and $70.00. Library bags ($8.00 for all students) can be purchased from the office. Other services provided through the school are school photos which are organised by an external provider.

Uniforms Bookiists
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